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A Short Note on the Different Types of Ancient Calendars

In the world, almost all people use the calendar to manage many daily activities. If we look at the calendars, there are a variety of calendars that are available from the ancient period. During the ancient period, the calendar was used based on the Moon and Sun. So those calendars are called Lunar and Solar calendars respectively. When the time periods were calculated based on the moon’s position then that is called the Lunar calendar where in this the total number of days is 354 and the total month is 12 months. In Solar Calendars the time period has been calculated based on the earth’s rotation around the sun. This calendar has 364 days and 12 months. The major difference between the two types of the calendar is the added days and months after certain years.

In the Lunar year, there will be one month added every three years whereas in the solar year there will be only one day added every four Years. Anyway, currently, the solar calendar is followed by the people. With respect to these basics, there are many calendars are emerged in a particular region during the ancient period and those are named the Hindu calendar, Sumerian Calendar, Chinese Calendar, Egyptian Calendar, Mayan Calender, Roman Calendar, and much more. All these calendars are used in particular places for example the Chinese calendar used in china and Korea. But in recent times all these clubbed and made the common calendar that can be used anywhere in the world.

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